7-23-16 Lyric.

I’m posting this here in case you didn’t see it on Facebook yesterday: Lyric died yesterday.

IMG_8753I don’t know what happened – it might have been a congenital defect, or perhaps he just wasn’t strong enough. Sometimes this happens with newborns. 

IMG_8805I am sad for not getting to know him and watch him grow up, and for the life he never got to live.




lyric-tempoRest in peace, little buddy… Summer’s little calico will look after you now.


I realized that except for the two litters I already had when the year started, one kitten from each litter this year has either been stillborn, or died.


  1. Maggie's Mom

    Bless your heart! You’ve had a difficult time recently. Just know that you improved their lives even if they were too short. Purrs to you and all your fosters. Better days are surely ahead. Thank you for sharing the kitten love and happiness.

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