You GUYS. I canNOT believe that Yoyo is going home tomorrow, and I’ve hardly take any pictures of her all week! How about a barrage of Yoyo pictures now to make up for it?

Not sure if she should try to catch the feather right in front of her, or the birds outside the window.

Her eyes are so GORGEOUS.

Her skeptical look. Don’t be fooled. She’s a marshmallow inside!

“Dis my modeling platform.”


Yoyo has been an awfully sweet girl this week (well, from the START, of course, she was always one of my favorites) and I’ll miss her a lot once she heads to her potential new home this weekend. Hopefully everything works out between her and the other cats!

Shorty is turning into a little POSER.

Graybies Unite!

This boy is SO silly.

Oh, that third eyelid, how I hate seeing that third eyelid!

THAT’s better.

Is it just me, or does Teeny look slightly crossed-eyed?

Pip is growing into such a pretty girl.

I was going to give you an update on Half-Pint, but… I think the pictures speak fairly well for themselves.

I made a weight chart for the Munchkins, which I’ve posted here, and I’ll be adding it to their Page eventually. I thought it might interest you. (weight in oz)

This girl is so CUTE. Gah!


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