It was a good weekend for adoptions. Not only did Yoyo go out for her trial, but Harley’s adoption was also finalized, and Chessie was adopted with another kitten!

Now that space has opened up at the adoption center, Mimosa and Harmony have headed there for another try at being adopted. Fingers crossed they won’t be there much longer – those girls have waited long enough for their forever homes!

Half-Pit still has this very cute distinctive little face that I recognized the first week I got him.

Love him!

Look at him, all “I didn’t make THESE pawprints! Not mine!”

Shorty says “dat was yummy.”

Beautiful boy.

Teeny thinks he can catch the feather.


Pretty Pip.


WARNING: The next section may be too cute for some to handle.

Proceed with caution!

Those bunny paws are killing. me. DEAD.


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