8-29-17 All About the Boys!

Half-Pint is so CUTE I can hardly stand it!

What’s that look for, Shorty?

Shorty is apparently Half-Pint’s shadow.

Teeny wears his crazy eyes!

And his crazy pants!

Half-Pint wears his craziness in his ears.


The boys are so much more photogenic than the girls, I swear. At the end of the day I always realize all my pictures are of the boys!

No amount of Panacur or Strongid or Drontal or Ponazuril or Tylan or Forti-Flora or Proviable or fiber powder or digestive enzyme powder or easy-digest food has been able to cure these kittens’ terrible, drippy diarrhea (and I will add, no amount of puppy pads and baby wipes and Lysol wipes and litter box liners have been able to prevent them from tracking little messy pawprints all over the bathroom). We’ll start them on Metronidazole tomorrow, and if that does not work, well, I have no clue what to do next!

I will say they’re all eating and gaining weight and running around, attacking each other, and climbing up pant legs like crazy little monsters, so that’s good. (Half-Pint put on a remarkable 12 ounces in the past week, and weighs almost as much as Mini, the next-smallest. He’s caught up by leaps and bounds!)

Rose is such a lovely girl.



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