About Bettie

We took Bettie into our care when a feral cat caretaker found her living among a colony of cats at an apartment complex. The caretaker knew she was not a feral cat and brought her to us so she could find a loving forever home rather than put her back to lead the harsh life of a feral cat. Bettie was dragging her left rear foot and had a wound in her left flank, and the veterinarian concluded that feral cats had attacked her and treated the wound on her flank as a bite.

After a few weeks, we brought her to our vet to find out why she was still not using her back leg. The results of the x-ray and neurological exam showed that someone had cruelly shot Bettie and left her to die. The BB lodged inside her spinal canal, resulting in tail paralysis and a weakness in her rear left leg that causes her to drag her rear paw.

It is difficult for us to imagine the pain that Bettie endured and watch her struggle to walk normally, yet she is extremely sweet, gentle, loving, and ready to forgive. Everyone that has met her adores her.

Bettie had surgery on May 22 to remove the BB from her spine. The operation went well and the surgeon is optimistic about her prospects; however, we still don’t know if she will regain full use of her leg, as the nerves regenerate very slowly. She got her staples out after two weeks and had to be confined for a few more weeks after that.

Bettie went back to her original foster on July 7 after we met with the vet, who showed us how to do some physical therapy exercises for her leg. We will keep you all updated on her progress!