About Harmony and the Musicians

IMG_6150On July 15, 2016, I got a call that the pound had a very pregnant calico, ready to pop. Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but the lady that works at the pound told me they were going to euthanize her if no one could take her because she apparently wasn’t doing well. I think she was pretty desperate to find someone to take the cat. One of the other fosters was going to get her, but decided to take something else, so I asked her to get the calico for me. So the pregnant calico came to us on 7/18. I named her Harmony, and the kittens were born the very next morning at about 4 am. You can read about that here. She had five kittens, but one passed away within three days. The post about that is here. The remaining four, named Tempo, Melody, Music, and Rhythm, are five weeks old and doing well. We’ll have them for about three or four more weeks, and then they’ll be ready to go off into the world and be adopted.

Update: Tempo & Melody were adopted together on September 21, and Music & Rhythm were adopted together on October 8. Harmony is currently at Petsmart waiting to be adopted.

Update: Harmony was adopted on December 17, 2016, but things didn’t work out and she was returned to us in early May 2017. Harmony was adopted for the second time on October 7, 2017!