About Inki

Inki was rescued along with her two sisters, Feather and Quill, in October of 2016, when they were about 4 weeks old. Feather and Quill were adopted quickly in December, and Inki went to another foster home to be a buddy for another kitty that was by himself. When that kitten was adopted, Inki came to us on February 4, 2017. Since she was about the same age as Oci, we put them together, and they got to know each other pretty well.

Inki is a sweet, slinky, gorgeous black cat. She’s a little quieter than Oci, but she LOVES playtime, attention, and making biscuits.

After Inki had been with us for a little under a month, a couple came to look at Oci, and we brought Inki along too. They ended up falling in love with Inki’s sweet little self and decided to adopt her instead. She went home on February 26, 2017.