About Kit-Kat

IMG_7866In 2014, our rescue group got a call about a mom and four 4 week old kittens that someone had found and was looking for us to take. I went to get them, and when I got to the person’s house, three of the kittens were gone. Apparently some of the neighbors knew we were coming and took three of the kittens away. I am not sure why, and not sure why they left the one kitten with the mom. I never did find out what happened to those three kittens, but I hope they were okay.

Since there was nothing else I could do at the time, I put the mom and the remaining kitten in the carrier and started to take them home. The mom was frantic at the loss of her three kittens, and the kitten picked up on that and also became frantic. As I was driving them home, I remembered that one of the other fosters was bottle-feeding three kittens whose mother had been killed by a hawk, and since this mom had just lost her three kittens, maybe she would take them on. I took the mom and kitten right over to the foster’s house, where we gently rubbed each kitten on the mom before placing them with her. Sure enough, she took them on as her own. Kit-Kat was one of those three orphans. She was adopted as a kitten and returned again in August of 2016 because her adopters were moving and couldn’t take her. She stayed here for about a month, and then went to Petsmart. She went out on trial on November 23, 2016 and was officially adopted by that same family on December 6.

You can read about Kit-Kat after she was returned starting here.