About Roxy and her kittens


Roxy and her kittens were rescued from a rural shelter in another state; the transport volunteers brought the little family to us, and their supporters gave pledges to help with their medical care. They originally went to another foster; a few weeks later, while that foster was traveling, they got to come here.  There are two litters; the older kittens are Cory, Colby, and Oakley, and they were about 10 weeks old when they came to us. The younger ones are Blaze, Fawn, and Chessie; they were about 7 weeks old. Roxy, the mom, is FIV positive, but all of the kittens are negative, thankfully. Cory and Oakley were adopted together; Roxy and the other four kittens came back to us on June 12, when the foster mom needed to go visit her elderly mother is the hospital. Colby was adopted into a home with two other kitties; Roxy has been spayed, and she and the younger kittens are currently awaiting their forever homes.

Update: All of Roxy’s kittens have found homes. Blaze was adopted with Scooter, and Chessie was adopted with another kitten. Roxy is currently residing with another foster, still waiting to find her forever family.