About Squeek

Squeek was a shy, lonely little kitten hiding away in the back of a cage at the pound. She reminded me so much of Bandit and I didn’t want to leave her there, so I brought her home; luckily; she was pretty healthy aside from some tapeworms. She’s shy with sudden movements or noises, and she doesn’t have a lot of confidence, but OH is she sweet.

Once she was treated, tested, and vaccinated, we needed to pair her with some other kittens; we found a pair for her to go with, and I decided to let them go to a new foster since they were already vetted. They will probably be up for adoption soon and I will be sure to let you know when she is adopted.

Update. The other two kittens found a home together; Squeek sadly passed away from FIP on August 5. The tribute post to her is here.