About Summer and the Raindrops

BreezyBreezy four weks

splashSplash - four weeks old





Summer was one of a group of strays that were being fed by a kindly gentleman, who called our rescue’s phone line and asked us to take her because he thought she was pregnant. I took her on April 7, and she waited about three weeks before having the kittens. When she finally did go into labor, the first kitten got stuck and she wasn’t having contractions, so her kittens ended up being born by emergency C-section on April 27, and you can read about that here.   She had four kittens, and three survived. Misty, Breezy, and Splash are now almost six weeks old and TONS of fun. They’ll be ready for adoption around the end of June.

UPDATE! Misty and Breezy were adopted together in July of 2017, and Summer and Splash were adopted together with Mischief in November of 2017.