About the Pie Babies

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The Pie Babies were born in foster care on 1/21/16 to momma cat Sugar Pie, who was rescued first from the streets and then from the pound; the Pie Babies were born the morning after she was brought into foster care.

The night I got Sugar Pie, when she was heavily pregnant, I posted a photo of her on Facebook. Love & Hisses shared the photo, so Love & Hisses fans flocked to see the Pie Babies grow up! This eventually led to the creation of the blog Three Tiny Tabbies on 3/1/16.

The Pie Babies are now just over eight weeks old and almost ready to be adopted. I’ve already got a few applications for them, so I’m sure they’re all going to be adopted very quickly! Sugar Pie was just spayed on March 18th, so she’ll be around a while longer to recover from the spay and get some weight back from nursing the kittens.

Read about the Pie Babies starting here.

Update: All of the Pie Babies and Sugar Pie have been adopted!