Hey, guess what? Yesterday I said I’d run out of new pictures to share, but I found some more! I’d actually SCHEDULED this to post last Thursday, but I just now noticed that it didn’t go up. THANKS, WordPress.

Yoyo has the sweetest, saddest, most pleading face I’ve ever seen.

Most of the time I like to focus on the kittens’ faces, but these girls have such beautiful coloring in their coats.

I was looking back at my pictures and I was surprised to notice that I didn’t get any pictures of Scooter! I guess the girls are just more photogenic.

Did I mention that I adore Teddi? He’s the sweetest little man ever. If y’all could meet him, I know you’d agree with me.

Who has beautiful eyes?

We have an appointment for a physical therapy consultation for Bettie in two weeks; the surgeon is going to see her back in about two months. In the meantime, you’ll be the first to know if she miraculously gains back use of her foot!

On Sunday I left Mimosa for another stay at Petco. Word from the cage cleaners is that she’s pretty stressed and not being super friendly. Another foster also needs to place two of her cats there for a couple of days, so Mimosa might be coming home with me tomorrow or Wednesday – we’ll see. This weekend is the big Petco adoption weekend and we are hoping for lots of adoptions all around.

Yahtzee, Yoyo, Scooter, and Teddi have their last dose of antibiotics Tuesday morning, and they are as crazy and healthy as they’ve ever been. I’m thinking about putting them together with Roxie’s kittens, but I’m a wee bit nervous as I don’t know how Roxie, being FIV+, will react to them. I know it’s unlikely that she would transmit FIV to them, but one can’t be too careful, I suppose. Maybe I will let them have a supervised visit and see what happens… and maybe I will take a video and post it tomorrow. If she really doesn’t like them perhaps I will separate them: put Roxie in the bathroom, where the toy-kittens are now, and let all eight kittens have the run of the foster room.

Colby’s neuter day is today! If everything goes according to plan, he’ll have some big news to share soon… 🙂