IMG_7608I love this picture of Misty – she looks so cute here. (I mean, not that she doesn’t in other pictures, but… you know what I mean!)

IMG_7678Summer always has this surprised look to her.

IMG_7685She’s such a GOOFBALL.

IMG_7672Splash has claimed her feathers, and she’s ready to defend them.

IMG_7703Misty and Splash snuggle together.

IMG_7694I love the look of bliss on Splash’s face.

IMG_7700SO SWEET, they are.

IMG_7712Breezy was sleeping on my lap, and I tried to move him to the bed so I could get a picture of all three of them snuggling together for their post on the website – surely someone will see them all curled up together, and they’ll HAVE to adopt all three, right? Alas, Splash decided that with Breezy on the bed, there was not enough room for her, and she insisted on finding another place to nap. (You can see her behind the scratching post, on the platform of the cat tree.) Anyway, I realized I already have a fairly recent picture of them snuggling together, so I ended using that instead.

As a side note, three-way adoptions are pretty uncommon, so it seems unlikely that the three of them will be adopted together, but here’s the thing: if all three Raindrops are adopted together, then it will be my third three-way adoption. And they say the third time’s the charm!

IMG_7728The Monkeys, munching. This picture makes me a little sad, because…

13590234_1119066474798690_6991469375093266640_nThis is the picture I took of all of them the day I got them… and now there are just three.

IMG_7779Oh, his sweet little face.

IMG_7781He looks so inquisitive, doesn’t he? I imagine that there’s a big question mark over his head.

IMG_7761Nothing like the power of a toy mouse to get a kitten to look in the direction of the camera.

IMG_7797Rascal, you sweet boy, I could just kiss you.

Bounce’s temporary foster has been keeping me updated throughout the day. This morning, she sent me a video of him eating, and later she said he had climbed out of the bathtub by himself. He’ll be back today, so you’ll see him in tomorrow’s blog entry and I’ll update you on how he’s doing. I am totally blown away that he’s made it this far. On Tuesday, I really thought that I was going to lose him.