Saturday was a very good adoption day with 13 kittens from the organization adopted. Sadly, it wasn’t a good adoption day for me as none of MY fosters were adopted. I can only imagine two things: one, that with fewer kittens up for adoption, mine will have better chances of being adopted, and two, that there are some VERY special families out there that just haven’t been guided to Petsmart/Petco yet.

IMG_5199Music gives me the skeptical look.

IMG_5201The Eyes of Amazement.


IMG_5207The little goofball.

IMG_5239Looking out at the world from the kitten pen.

IMG_5213“Mama! Mama, gimme a pigyback ride!”

IMG_5245Tempo tries unsuccessfully to escape yet another bath.


IMG_5232“Gotta keep those kittens clean, you know.”


IMG_5291Playing Follow the Leader.

IMG_5265Music is the leader, I suppose.

IMG_5266The Musicians are ready to take on the world.

Last week I took a bunch of videos of the Musicians, and I intended to go through them and sort through the best ones to post here, but I didn’t get a chance to do it yet. Later this week, perhaps!

IMG_5117Oh Splash, you pretty girl, you.


IMG_5131Such a little poser.


IMG_5161“You go ‘way, lady. Can’t you see that I’m trying to hide behind the scratching post?”

IMG_5165“Scratching Post, I wub you.”

I would do or give ANYTHING for the Monkeys to have normal stools. It frustrates me beyond words that they still have diarrhea after six weeks of trying countless different treatments and food.  When I went in to feed them yesterday, Mischief went in the litter box and stepped in it, so I pulled her out and started wiping her foot. I had almost finished when I was distracted by Skipper clawing his way up my leg. I turned to tell him off and Mischief jumped BACK INTO THE LITTERBOX ON TOP OF THE DIARRHEA.

What I’m saying here, is that the Monkeys are driving me bananas.

So, if you’ve dealt with chronic diarrhea in kittens, please, tell me what to do! They’ve been treated with Panacur for giardia twice (first time for five days, second time for ten days), they’ve been treated with Ponazuril for coccidia twice, and by tomorrow morning they’ll have had 10 days of Metronidazole for a bacterial overload. They’ve been dewormed three times, they’ve on a grain free / high percentage meat diet, and I’ve been giving them probiotics and fiber powder mixed in with their food. Multiple fecal tests have not shown any parasites (other than the bacterial overload before I started Metronidazole, and my vet said that we should have seen some improvement by now.) The only other time it has gone on this long was with I had kitties with cryptosporidium, back in the winter, but as I’ve mentioned, the PCR test to detect any of the more elusive parasites (including crypto) came back negative.