The Instagram account Cute Pet Club featured one of my photos of Breezy and Splash a few days ago (with permission). Go check it out!


Melody reminds me SO much of a kitten I fostered last spring, who was named Cricket. Yesterday I made some comparison pictures so you all could see how much alike they look!

Cricket_melody_comparisonFace and paw comparison. Cricket on the left, six weeks old. Melody on the right, three weeks old.

cricket and melody belliesBelleh comparison! Cricket on the left, six weeks old. Melody on the right, two weeks old. I was just scrolling back through and happened to find these pictures (I meant to post the one of Melody, but never did). I thought it was so funny that I had these pictures of these kittens that look so much alike, in such unusual, yet similar positions!

And while we’re looking back at previous fosters…

IMG_2306This is former foster Fluff, part of one of the very first litters that I fostered. Fluff’s brother was named Marshmallow (you can see a bit of his brother to the right there) and so far, they are the only pure white kittens that I’ve fostered. See how his eyes are a little wander-y? That reminds me of…

IMG_4818…our sweet, wonky-eyed Rhythm!

IMG_3382Fluff at three-ish months old. His eyes turned out pretty normal, so it seems likely that Rhythm’s will too. (I love that you can see glimpses of his siblings in both of the pictures.)

IMG_2575One last former foster picture – Fluff’s brother Rusty at four-ish weeks old. Look at that little complainer! And don’t you think he looks just like…

IMG_4879… THIS little munchkin? (Well, Rusty was maybe a bit fluffier, but it’s hard to tell how fluffy they’ll be at this stage. We’ll see!)

IMG_4768Music’s sad little eyes totally slay me.

IMG_4772I just want to kiss that worried look right off her little face.

IMG_4775“Oh no you DON’T, lady!” Oh, the indigination.

IMG_4790I seriously think this little guy has the softest, sweetest little face.

IMG_4864I am at a loss for words to describe this level of cuteness.


IMG_4757I just love Rhythm’s silly little eyes.

IMG_4896Sometimes I just have to pick them up and squoosh them, and after I do that, they just look at me with their cute little eyes and then I don’t know what to do with myself.

IMG_5032A bed full of Musicians!

IMG_4997Oh, that silly, silly little Melody.


IMG_5029Is it too much to hope that they’d all look at the camera? I think so.

IMG_5104These kittens are already showing signs of becoming uber sweet. All of them – but especially Melody- are already starting to climb on my lap, which delights me to no end.