Would you like some Splash belly on this fine Tuesday?



IMG_2568“LADY. Go AWAY! I’m playing hide-and-seek with Breezy, and if you keep taking pictures of me, you’re going to give away my hiding spot!”

IMG_2579Sorry, Misty. But you’re just so cute. I can’t help it.

IMG_2195Splash, hanging out in the carrier.

IMG_2199Oh, she has SUCH a sweet face.



IMG_2222He is such a nutty little guy.

IMG_2623Sleepy sleepy Breezy.

IMG_2626I LIVE for this face.

The babies are eating food on their own this week. I’m enticing them to eat the canned food three times a day, and I’ve seen them eating hard food too. They’re still nursing occasionally, but I get the feeling that they would like to be nursing more, if Summer would let them – she usually walks away when they try to nurse, or she sometimes even bunny-kicks them.

IMG_2466“Seriously, NO ONE told me that those babies were going to grow TEETH.”

Sugar Pie, Sugar Pie, Sugar Pie…


Here’s where we stand with Sugar Pie:
I’ll do one more lime-dip bath for good measure on Sunday. I should know the final results of the fungal culture a week from tomorrow (Wednesday), and her follow-up appointment with the dermatologist is the Monday after that. If she checks out well, then I’ll be able to put her online for adoption in just about two weeks (fingers crossed!) That’s the plan, anyway.