IMG_3595Mama Summer, watching me.

IMG_3613And keepin’ an eye on me she is good at!

IMG_3583I do adore this girl. She runs to¬†greet me when I walk in with the cutest trilling noise. I’ll have to see if I can get a video, because it is the cutest darn thing.


The Monkeys explore the screened porch.

IMG_3614So. Much. Floof.


IMG_3689Rascal felt the need to put on his Floof Suit.

IMG_3631Listening to the sound of raindrops.

IMG_3627Oh, this boy.

IMG_3680Kitten in a rainy world.

IMG_3643Oh, this boy is growing into one beautiful black panther.

IMG_3675Not a kitten, but I thought this was an interesting picture.

IMG_3729Mischief, eye on the fish toy. I love this picture!