6-3-16 Sleepy city

These kittens don’t sleep all three together often, but when they do, OH the sweetness.

Five weeks old! Compare that to:

IMG_7881Two and a half weeks old! They’ve sure filled out that bed, huh?

IMG_2016Splash is happy because Breezy can be her pillow and Misty can be her paw-rest.


IMG_2023Three-way hug.

IMG_2028My heart is MELTING from all of this sweetness.

IMG_2034I feel like that mother when her kids finally all get along for a brief moment. (I’m kidding, of course – kitten siblings love each other, and the Raindrops are no exception – I just don’t see them all snuggling together like this very often!)


IMG_2052I guess Breezy left.


IMG_2069And Misty left too.

IMG_2042Yep, it’s a sleepy city.


IMG_2093Ah, that’s where they went! (Splash is in there too, she’s just down on the bottom.)

IMG_2100Breezy nursing.

IMG_2103Misty nursing at five weeks old. Compare that to…

IMG_2571One day old!

Video time! Be sure to turn your volume up – there’s NOTHING sweeter than the sound of nursing kittens purring. (And Breezy gives his sister some love in the end. Hint: she’s NOT impressed. 🙂 )

If you checked this website yesterday between 10 am and 6 pm, you probably noticed some strange things going on with the layout. That’s me messing with the website again (boy, I am not good at that, am I?) I was trying to make the header image link back to the home page, which I eventually accomplished, but not before having to delete and re-install the theme. It seems like whenever I try to change something that involves code, I end up spending much more time trying to fix a new problem that I’ve created than actually trying to figure out what I originally wanted to do. Oh, well, at least I got it to work!