5-26-16 Four Weeks Old!

The Raindrops are four weeks old as of yesterday! Shall we compare them now to when they were four days old?

IMG_3883Breezy, four days old.

IMG_9976Breezy, four weeks old.

IMG_4007Misty, four days old.

IMG_9744Misty, four weeks old.

IMG_4155 Splash, four days old.

IMG_0147Splash, four weeks old.

They’ve grown a lot, haven’t they? Their eyes have opened and turned a lighter shade of blue, their eyes have popped up, and their legs have gotten bigger and stronger. I weighed them all yesterday; Splash weighs 11 ounces, Misty weighs between 16 and 17 ounces (the scale was wobbling too much for me to tell), and Breezy, ever the biggest, weighs 18 ounces. (At this age, kittens normally weigh about 16 ounces – the rule of thumb is one pound, one month.)

Let’s not forget sweet Mama Summer!



IMG_9864This girl’s face just cracks me up.

IMG_9866She looks SO very pleased with herself, doesn’t she?

IMG_9886The girls seem to have inherited their mama’s sad eyes. (And, seriously, the face here is KILLING me.)

IMG_0169Sleepy girl.

IMG_0123For being so young, Breezy certainly has… a very expressive face.

IMG_0245I would never, ever trust a kitten with THIS face!

Video! Misty and Breezy get into a wrestling match, and Misty does an awful lot of rolling around and mewing in complaint.

Sugar Pie went to the vet yesterday for her skin scrape test. All the staff made a fuss over her for being such a sweet girl (well, okay, just the vet and vet tech that saw her.) She talked to me ALLLLL the way to the vet and all the way home, and believe me when I say that girl can HOWL. Fortunately, it’s not a long drive!