6-23-16 Breezy: From one day to eight weeks

Remember the little gray feral kitten that I posted a picture of yesterday? The foster reports that she (yes, she) is coming around fast, and she’ll be easy to socialize. Her name is Peepers!

This is an overview of the best portraits of Breezy, from the day he was born up till now. Sit back, scroll through, and watch our only little man as he grows!

IMG_2664On his birthday.

IMG_4076A few days old.

IMG_4912Eyes starting to loosen up.

IMG_6393Eyes open!

IMG_8078“Yuck, smelly feet!”

IMG_9170Ears are sproinging.

IMG_9976Getting bigger every minute.

IMG_0411Smiling Breezy. I don’t know if I want to know what mischevious thoughts are going through his little mind!

IMG_1614Big-eyed boy.

IMG_2221When you’re trying not to giggle in the library.

IMG_3369Breezy the poser.

IMG_3802King Breezy.

IMG_4446Have I mentioned that Breezy is a poser?


Isn’t it fun to see how much these kittens grow in such a short amount of time? I love them.