5-23-16 Video Day

Grab some popcorn and take a seat, because today’s post is composed entirely of videos of the Raindrops. Why? Because they’ve started to leave the cute wee baby kitteh stage and enter the fun crazy little rocket stage! I love the way they totter around on their stumbly little legs with their short tails in the air, the way they’re starting to wrestle un-energetically with each other, and best of all, how they’re starting to climb willingly onto my lap. I’m going to make lap cats out of them yet!

IMG_9298Sleepy munchkins. (Okay, I lied, there’s a picture.)

I think Summer will be happy when they’re old enough to start playing with her. She keeps trying to play with them and bat them around. At first it scared me that she was so rough with them, but she doesn’t hurt them – they don’t really respond to her,  they just mew in a confused sort of way. It’s kind of funny – it’s like she doesn’t get that they’re not old enough to play like that yet.

We have an update on Sugar Pie for you!


I’ll be bringing her to the vet this week for a follow-up fungal culture test, which will take about three weeks. In four weeks, she has a follow-up appointment with the dermatologist. This weekend, I’ll give her the last lime dip bath and start transitioning her from the perscription allergy food to an “over-the-counter” sensitive skin food. Depending on how things go, she’ll likely be up for adoption around the same time as Summer and the Raindrops, maybe a little sooner or later.