6-22-16 A new face

We have a new face for you to meet!IMG_5399She (or he, I’m actually not sure of the gender) isn’t going to be our foster, though. A group of ladies has been working on trapping and fixing some feral cats that showed up in their neighborhood, and they’ve caught a bunch of gray kittens. This one was trapped on Monday, and the foster that agreed to take this one couldn’t pick him/her up until late Tuesday afternoon, so I picked him up from the trap on Tuesday morning and kitten-sat him/her for a few hours until the foster could come and get him/her. This is the seventh gray kitten that the foster has taken from this group. The kitten is obviously terrified, but hopefully with some socialization, she/he will be fine.



If I see the kitten at an adoption stand in a few weeks, I’ll try to take a new picture and let you know when he/she gets adopted.

I’ve decided to use the next few days to do throwbacks of the Raindrops. We’ll do one day of each kitten, one day for Summer, and one day for all three kittens together. After that, it’ll almost be time to put Misty, Breezy, and Summer up for adoption. Splash will stick around for a little while longer, because she needs to reach 2 pounds before she can be adopted. Don’t worry – if Summer, Breezy, and Misty are all adopted before Splash is ready, I’ll borrow another healthy kitten around her size from another foster so she won’t be lonely. And after that, it’ll be time for us to get some new monkeys around here!

IMG_5408I ALMOST got Summer, Breezy, Misty, and Splash all in one picture, but Summer sprang up to greet me before I could snap the picture.


IMG_5412Splash’s face cracks me UP. She looks soooooo sleepy.

IMG_5418These two are gingerlicious.

IMG_5435If this is not the definition of “BLISS”, I don’t know what is.

IMG_5443Thoughtful Summer.

IMG_5445Sweet Summer.

IMG_5446Goofy Summer.

IMG_5449Snuggle buddies.