6-21-16 Puddles of Raindrops

IMG_5071Streeeeeetch it out, Misty.

IMG_5072Sleepy little ones.

IMG_5076I love how Breezy’s head is right on top of Splash’s.

IMG_5159Someday, I wonder if they’re going to try to fit all three on that little bed? Breezy looks like he’s thinking about it!

IMG_5161The girls certainly get the upper end of the deal.

IMG_5079“STOP with the shutter, lady, can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here!”

IMG_5155Sleepy boy.

IMG_5141Sleepy girl.

IMG_5097I love this picture so much. Double ginger!

IMG_5095That is quite the annoyed face, Summer.

IMG_5110If you look under Splash’s lip, you’ll see she’s chewing on Breezy’s ear. Silly girl!

IMG_5103She looks worried here. With all three kittens on my lap, maybe she thinks she’s going to fall off!

Sugar Pie’s follow up with the dermatologist was yesterday. It was determined that she is much better than she was, but still itching more than a normal cat. The dermatologist suggested that she might be hypersensitive to something like flea bites, so normally a cat could be bitten by just ONE flea and be fine, but in Sugar it would trigger an allergic reaction. (Now, she doesn’t HAVE fleas, of course, but she could still be in contact with them – people or other animals can bring them in the house, for example.) I also got the OK to try a new limited ingredient food for her. The plan is to put her up for adoption for now, and we’ll explain her issues to whoever takes her – they’ll just have to keep her on flea control, monitor her for the allergies, and probably not give her any food with fish.

IMG_5201GORGEOUS girl!