IMG_8291CAN you inherit expressions from your parents? If so, I think Miss Splash got the Smug Face Gene from Mama Summer.

IMG_8357Misty looks as though she’s getting ready to smack somebody.

IMG_8348“Who shall I smack? Those pesky siblings of mine are never around when I’m ready to smack them.”

IMG_8513“I guess that means I’ll have to smack YOU, lady.”

IMG_8401The way the light is shining on Summer’s face is almost a little spooky. Maybe she wanted to tell a ghost story.

IMG_8553As you can see, poor Breezy has a weepy eye. Splash had it for a while, so I was putting ointment in her eye, and now it looks like she gave it to her brother. I’ve switched and am now giving ointment to Breezy.

IMG_8585Sleepy little munchkins.

IMG_8739Mama Summer sure does love…

IMG_8747…her son Breezy, who is ALWAYS looking for a snack. No wonder he’s getting so big!

Summer’s incision has healed up, and the fur is sloooowly starting to grow back. Splash, although still smaller than the others, is doing well and thriving and I’m confident that she’ll be just fine. It looks like our little family is on the track to happy, healthy lives.

Sugar Pie is such a sweet, calm little girl…IMG_8252… when she’s asleep.

When she’s awake, she’s a crazy nut!