4-30-16 Pink Noses and Pink Tongues and Pink Toes

Things are going pretty well. Ginger Girl is still smaller and doesn’t seem to have as much energy as the others, but Summer seems to be more attentive, and she’s licking them and letting them nurse for longer periods of time. She’s still a little hissy with me sometimes, but I have to forgive her – she’s got calico in her, after all. And in the meantime, I cannot stop taking pictures of them and staring at their sweet little faces.

I shall have to name them soon. I can’t keep calling them Ginger Girl, Ginger Boy, and Tabby Girl!

IMG_3084Sleepy little ginger boy.

IMG_3094Such a serious face. But then…

IMG_3092Look at his little tongue sticking out. Such a goofball.

IMG_3067Curled on top of the kitten pile.

IMG_3087OK, this picture is blurry, but have you SEEN such an adorable yawn?

IMG_3103It’s just EXHAUSTING, being this cute.

IMG_3291Ginger Girl, curled up next to her brudder.

IMG_3281Look to the side of Tabby Girl’s face. Doesn’t it look like she might have some orange tint to her? It’ll be fun to see what she turns out to look like!

IMG_3256Those jellybean toes ARE JUST KILLING ME.


IMG_3217STOP with the little pink feet, I can’t take it anymore!

IMG_3259Look to the left of Ginger Girl’s ear. Does she look like she might be a little medium hair to you?

IMG_3097I thought Tabby Girl was going to be the most photogenic, but I think that I might have been wrong. Just look at Ginger Boy posing for the camera here!

IMG_3035Summer, pretending to be asleep. “Shh…. don’t remind me about the kids…”

Poor Summer’s belly looks so tender. They really shaved every little hair. I can’t wait for it to grow back a little bit.