4-29-16 Hello, Little Raindrops

Our little family is doing well enough. Summer seems pretty unsure of what she’s supposed to do – she wasn’t really wanting to be with them that much, and she kept laying down for the babies to nurse and getting up after a minute. I moved her and the babies into a large dog crate so that she can be quiet and recover and she has to be with them. Most of the time she likes me to pet her, but occasionally she gets hissy / growly  and swats me. I think she is feeling protective of them, but she’s uncomfortable and not really sure what to do. Some of that bonding that comes with the process of labor didn’t happen with her and her babies. She is letting them nurse, which is a good sign. I’ve been supplementing the smallest one (the ginger girl) just to make sure that she’s getting enough while we wait for Summer’s instincts to hopefully kick in.

IMG_2707Ginger Boy, dead to the world.

IMG_2907Seriously, that PINK NOSE and the PINK LIPS.

IMG_2913Ginger girl on the left, boy on the right.


IMG_2921I think this is the best picture of Ginger Girl.

IMG_2935Do you SEE those itty bitty stripes?

IMG_2938Ginger Girl again.

IMG_2947Kitten pile. Ginger Girl is in front. Do you see how much smaller she looks compared to the other two?

IMG_2952Those toes. Seriously, I do not know what to do with those toes.

IMG_2960Tabby Girl figures out that sisters make good pillows.

IMG_2796Ginger Boy sticks out his tongue at you.

IMG_2893Ginger Boy loves his mama.

IMG_2978Ginger Girl also loves her mama. See, they are hugging each other! (Kind of.)

IMG_2872“WHERE did all these children come from?!”

IMG_2900“And how long till they go to college?”