4-27-16 Update

Updated to add: She went into labor just before 12 pm, but it was not progressing normally, so I brought her to the vet and they did an emergency C-section. Three out of the four babies made it. There are a few pictures on Facebook.

Because I am a desperately worried foster parent, I took Summer to the vet again yesterday. I was concerned that she’s been lactating for about two weeks now (they usually don’t produce milk until about a week before having the kittens, if at all.) The vet did an ultrasound AND an x-ray. Summer is definitely still pregnant – ANY DAY NOW, the vet says, do you hear that, Summer? – and almost definitely has four kittens. I think four is a good number. Hey, they can be adopted in pairs!

(I should also add that this is the THIRD *free* ultrasound that Summer has gotten from two different vets. I don’t know why, but apparently she is good at getting free ultrasounds. 😀 )

IMG_2474“Listen, if you’re going to take pictures, at least wait until I’m finished with my snack.”

IMG_2467“That’s better, now you can see my pretty face.”

IMG_2469“Look, I never SAID I was going to have them anytime soon. You just assumed.”

IMG_2452She’s starting to look very much like a cantalope.


I have been meaning to post this picture for a while now. This cat here –


MIGHT be the father (or one of the fathers) of Summer’s kittens. All I know is that he was hanging around the same place Summer was, and he was not fixed at the time (he is now – the person that was looking after them has this group of stray/semi-feral cats hanging around and I think he is getting a grant from some organization to get them all fixed). But there might have been other tomcats around, too. I guess we’ll know if we get fluffy orange kittens!

While we’re waiting for kittens, Sugar Pie would like to remind you that she would like to be let out of the foster room anytime you happen to be opening the door.


IMG_2363It makes me laugh how she is so very pleased with herself for capturing that toy.

IMG_2426Pinky settles down and looks at me disdainfully…

IMG_2402…while Jackson looks out at the big, big world.

I have a feeling they’re going to be adopted soon, but I shouldn’t say too much…