4-20-16 The Thurrp-iest Thurrp

Yesterday I had to be away from home for most of the day. It killed me to be away from Summer so long – I was SO SURE she was going to have those babies when I wasn’t home. Before I left in the morning, I told her that if she was going to have those babies today, she’d better hang on to them till I got home. But I needn’t have worried – once I got home and checked on her, she was pregnant and happy as ever.

Tomorrow marks two weeks since I got her. She has gotten quite a bit bigger – I don’t think it’s going to be long now. I can’t wait to meet those babieeeeeeeeeees!

IMG_1251“Remind me again what babies are?”

IMG_1215“I have to feed them? And lick them?”

IMG_1254“That sounds like a lot of WORK.”

IMG_1274“I think I’ll just let them keep baking forever then. That OK with you?”


IMG_1310“‘Cuse me lady, but the food on the other side of the plate is too far for me to reach, and if I were to get up, I’d have to bring my whole boatload of babies with me, too. Could you please move the dish so I can eat from the other side?”

IMG_1314“Come on human. You got to do what I say, cause I’m baking babies!”

IMG_1311The thurrp-iest thurrp.

She’s been hanging out in two different places – the corner where the two walls connect, and in the bathtub. Lately she’s been hanging out more in the bathtub, so maybe that’s where she’s going to have the kittens – I do hope so, because it will give them much more room, and Mama Cat can get away from them easily if she wants to. To tempt her, I’ve lined it with an extra-soft purple fleece blanket. (Of course, I’ve lined the other spot with an extra-soft fleece blanket, because she’ll have ’em where she wants to, and who am I to argue with a mama cat? 😉 )