4-18-16 Goodbye, Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie

Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie went home together yesterday. Here are the last pictures of them.

IMG_0645:sigh: I am going to miss that sweet girl.

IMG_0656Looking up at a very smug Honey Pie through the cat tree.

IMG_0651Did I mention how useful that hole in the cat tree is for taking pictures?

Sweetie Pie was not so excited about having his picture taken.IMG_0680“Go ‘way, lady, and take the paparazzi with you. I iz taking a nap.”

IMG_0729Fortunately, Honey Pie was happy to bask in the attention.

IMG_0738Jellybean paws!

IMG_0753Mama Sugar has such a wonderfully fluffy tail.

IMG_0630Honey Pie surveys her Kingdom (the kitten room) from her throne (the cat tree).

IMG_0768Uh, Sweetie Pie, I must say that does not look too comfy…

IMG_0771Don’t you think it would be uncomfortable to sleep with your head hanging over the cat tree like that?

IMG_0760“I’ll sleep how I want to, lady!”

IMG_0758Silly boy.

IMG_0780“Now go away and let me take my nap.”

After the kittens left on Sunday, I spent more time than usual with Mama Sugar, who I think is lonely by herself. She is becoming insistent that she needs to have free reign of the house. I’m not too sure about that…

Still no kittens!


Her appetite has picked up. On Saturday she ate a whole 6-oz can of Baby Cat food. No one can resist that stuff.
IMG_0831Doesn’t she have the most fabulously beautiful tail?

IMG_0882:sigh: “It’s a hard life, being a Momma.”

IMG_0866“Oh, that’s right, I don’t have kids yet.”

Yesterday I posted this video of Summer on Facebook. Clearly, she has a meow as sad as her face.

(I was looking at this video and thought that it was funny that the play button was right over her eye, like a pirate eye. Aarrrrrgh!)

Yesterday I also made this video of Summer’s kitties wriggling and tumbling. They are not very active for some reason (or maybe it’s just harder to see them move?) but if you look closely, it’s there!

(She was out on the screened porch, so if you turn the volume up, you’ll hear birds chirping and the neighborhood dogs barking – I don’t have any dogs of my own!)