4-16-16 The Last Day of Kittens

Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie are going home tomorrow morning. I’ll take some pictures of them over the weekend and share those with you on Monday.

So today is the last day of kittens for me… I’ll be kittenless until Summer decides to give me those babies!

IMG_0539You said you needed some cuteness today? Yes, these are the Pie Babies, reporting for duty.


IMG_0556Dreamer boy.

IMG_0561“Look into my eyes…”

IMG_0533“Now give me cat food.”

IMG_0574I love how this picture almost has a painted feel to it.

IMG_0567My new lens and I are getting on just fine. One thing that I particularly like about it is that I’ve noticed it can focus on closer objects. Now I can be at an arm’s distance petting a cat and taking a picture at the same time.

IMG_0388Jackson and Pinky are doing well.

IMG_0437They have the softest fur.

IMG_0450Seriously, it’s like bunny fur.

IMG_0477I might just have to cut off a tuft of their fur before they get adopted and keep it as a souvenir.

IMG_0404(No, I wouldn’t really do that. But I’m not kidding when I say their fur is SOFT.)

IMG_0434Jackson has one fabulously floofy tail.

Summer is eating better than she was a few days ago. She still has to be persuaded to eat, but I’m working on that. I’m hoping once she has those babies, she won’t feel as uncomfortable and will feel more like eating. And they’re going to be some hungry babies!


IMG_0147Look at that BELLEH!

IMG_0288“Lady, I’m telling you for the last time, I’m going to have my kittens when want to, and not before!”

IMG_0243She’s so sad looking, but she can look very smug when she wants to.

IMG_0262She’s going to be a wonderful Mama. If she ever has those babies.