4-7-16 A Love Affair with Boxes

Yesterday marked the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship…IMG_8019…between Pie Babies and boxes.

IMG_8038This is a deeply sentimental box…

IMG_8020…for it is the same one they lived in when they were teeny.


IMG_7996Even though I’ve never moved the box out of the kitten room…

IMG_8062…they didn’t realize how FUN it was until yesterday!

IMG_7956It appears that Sugar Pie isn’t the only one who can give a good Intense Stare.

IMG_8053“Put that toy down where I can get it, lady!”

IMG_8084This girl has the goofiest expressions. Now if only you could see more than half her face!

IMG_8093“Put that camera down and PLAY with me, lady!”

IMG_8097She is quite active, but she LOVES attention, too. She’s such a friendly girl.

IMG_8101“Practicing my annoyed face. How does it look, Innernets?”

IMG_8110“Aha, my human has succumbed to my charm and is┬áplaying with me now. You have to condition them to stop taking pictures of you so they can play with you, but it is hard when you are so beautiful.”