4-6-16 Missing Feathers

IMG_7857Pinkie Pie is watching you.

IMG_7885Could that stare get any more intense, Mama?

IMG_7895Pretty pretty eyes.

IMG_7827Meditating: ooohhhhhmmmmmmmmm.

IMG_7890Floofy toeses.

IMG_7484Pinkie Pie is getting veerrrrrrry sleeeeeeepy.

IMG_7900It appears that some more feathers have gone missing from the feather toy.

IMG_7927Hmm… I wonder who might be responsible for THAT?

IMG_7936Not THIS innocent face, surely.

IMG_7898A-ha! We have a culprit!

IMG_7905It’s a shame this picture is so blurry, because look at that FACE. And how ’bout those whiskers? 😀