4-5-16 Plate Swappin’

Sugar Pie now weighs seven pounds. She’s gained a full pound since I got her. Since she’s been eating kitten food, I decided to try mixing some adult canned food in with the kitten food for her. When they all eat, the kittens get a plate of kitten food and Sugar gets her own dish. Now, the kittens like to do this thing known as Plate Swappin’. At first, all the kittens eat happily from the intended plate. But then they decide that whatever is on Sugar’s dish must be better, even though it’s the exact same thing. They walk over to check it out, so I pick them up and put them back next to the plate. This works for a little while, but eventually they get more relentless in trying to eat from Sugar’s dish, and when all four of them are trying to do it at the same time, I’m vaguely reminded of trying to herd them all away from the baby gate and into the foster room. Eventually, I gave in and let them eat from Sugar Pie’s dish. You should have seen all four of them trying to eat from that small dish at the same time. Sugar Pie was just looking at them like, “Um, they’re eating my food!” I guess it won’t do her any harm to just have kitten food for the next two weeks!

Tomorrow I have to try to get a video of the Plate Swappin’ in action and speed it up.

IMG_7640“You mean, actually look AT the camera? Hmm…. no, I don’t think so. Maybe tomorrow.”

IMG_7651“I look at the camera, I can haz canned food?”

IMG_7661“Hmm…. Good deal!”

IMG_7654So smug.

IMG_7666Cheeky boy.

IMG_7671Sometimes I wonder what’s going through their minds.

IMG_7720The beautiful Tinee.

IMG_7814Isn’t she gorgeous?