3-5-16 Happy Caturday!

First – Thank you, everyone, for all your wonderful comments this week. I’m truly thrilled to be part of the Cat Blogosphere, and it makes me so happy to know that y’all are enjoying the kittens!

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot has changed on this site since Tuesday! I’ve been changing the format of the site and adding widgets and pages and things. I’ve added or tweaked pretty much everything I want to change right now, which is a relief – I mean, it’s fun customizing the site and all, but trying to figure out how to delete some feature I don’t want or trying to figure why some plugin is not working is not quite as fun. Now I can focus just on writing entries and taking kitten pictures, yay!

Oh – and the Alumni pages are up! You can click on any of the pages on the menu above to see the kitties that were fostered in that year. I have brief stories written for each group, and I thought about making a page for each group and adding all the pictures of that group in a slideshow, but…. I literally have OVER 30,000 photos in my photo library, and most of them are of foster kittens, so it’ll take FOREVER. I think what I’m going to do is add a new page for each litter that I blog about, and not worry about previous litters for the time being. SOMEDAY, I have to go through all those pictures and delete most of them. My greatest fear is that one day, I’ll be casually importing kittens photos, and then my computer will just explode because I have too many kitten photos. So maybe when I get around to going through pictures, I will make individual pages for previous litters.

Now… on to the kitten pictures! It is Caturday, after all!

“Caturday? What’s that?”IMG_1984
“Isn’t every day Caturday?”IMG_1940Why, yes, Sweetie Pie, it is!

First Cutie Pie is sad because he is underexposed…IMG_1307

…then he is sad because he is overexposed.IMG_1500

Honey Pie and Pinkie Pie hold a secret sister meeting. Twin tabbies = double trouble!IMG_1898

Please note Pinkie Pie’s face in the bottom left corner.IMG_1909

Cutie Pie gets out the Ears of Annoyance. Honey Pie (or maybe it was Pinkie Pie?) had jumped him and ran off, and he was feeling very annoyed that he couldn’t catch her.IMG_2016

Oh, Pinkie Pie, you are just too darn cute.IMG_2044
Tweetie Pie just has the coolest eyes. I wish they’d stay that way forever!IMG_1994

Video time!

Today I’m taking Rembrandt to our Caturday adoption stand. I’ll update later this afternoon – fingers crossed he might be adopted today!