Happy Monday, everybody! We have BIG NEWS..

“What?? What’s the big news, momma?”

The Munchkins are ready to fly! Four of our dear kittens – Half Pint, Pip, Teeny, and Mini – have already headed to the adoption center, hopefully to find forever homes FAST!

So, you say, what about the last Munchkin? What of our sweet, handsome grey boy Shorty? Well, Shorty, you see…

….has a home lined up! Officially, the paperwork hasn’t been signed yet, so he’s still on foster-to-adopt, but he’s great buddies with the other cat in the home and the adopter says she’s definitely keeping him. Yay, Shorty!

Momma… I won’t be going to the adoption center just yet, will I?

No, dear Rose. You’ll still be my foster kitty for a little while longer!