8-4-17 Fifteen fosters

We have fifteen foster cats right now and I thought it would be interesting to share one picture of each one today. Here they are, in order of how long they have been with us.

Harmony, sweet, snuggly girl who would love to be the only cat and queen of her household. Harmony has been with us since July 18, 2016. So she’s been with us for eight months – or a year, depending if you count the time when she was adopted (she was adopted in December and returned to us in May). This makes Harmony our longest foster. Even Summer, who was with us from April to November of last year, was with us for just over seven months.

Mimosa, who looks perpetually perturbed in pictures (hey, nice alliteration!) but is truly the sweetest girl who just wants to be petted. Mimosa’s been with us since January 30 – six months.

Roxie, who has the softest tail and most beautiful green eyes. Roxie is a quiet girl who loves being petted and brushed. Roxie has been with us since May 21 – about two and a half months.

Chessie, sweetest boy ever who looooooves his hammock.

Fawn, the queen of lap cats, who I never would have guessed would be with us this long, or be one of the last of Roxie’s kittens to be adopted. Fawn and Chessie came to us at the same time as Roxie, of course.

Yoyo, the snuggliest kitten in the world, who has been with us since June 9, almost two months.

Diana, sweet girl, has been with us for about a month.

And her beautiful daughter Harley, now residing with Yoyo, Chessie, and Fawn and slowly learning to get along with them.

Then there are the six new kittens, of course:

And finally, the girl who has already become so near and dear to my heart, with her beautiful Bengal-like rosettes who is already proving herself to be a lap cat:

I thought of a name for her, by the way. I’m calling her Rose.