7-31-17 Diana

Kittens are adorable and sweet and full of silly antics and cute faces. However, let us not forget the mother cats, who have been through so much and give everything so that their kittens can have a good start in life. Take Diana, for an example. Diana was a stray, with nobody to take care of her, who somehow ended up with a painful-looking burn across her shoulders. She was whisked away to the pound and then to a foster home, and she STILL was such a good mother to her kittens, even taking on a little orphan kitten and nursing her like one of her own.

Sadly, despite the fact that they are every bit as sweet as the kittens (if not more), it is much for difficult for the mama cats to find homes. Half of our eight fosters are now mother cats. The last time we had a mama cat adopted was last December, when Harmony was adopted (later to be returned to us). And before that, it was Summer, who was adopted last November.  (I know, I know, I’m lamenting! But it breaks my heart to see these poor mama cats overlooked.)

Diana has been at Petco for the past two weeks, and on Saturday we brought her home for a break. Although all of her kittens except for Harley have been adopted, no one has asked about Diana.

Diana is a beautiful girl with lovely shades of grey and caramel-brown. She also has strikingly green eyes.

Although I didn’t name her, I do like the name Diana for her, I think it suits her. I always think of the Roman goddess Diana – goddess of hunting, the moon, and nature, and known as Artemis to the Greeks.

Diana is meticulously clean.

She also has special abilities, insofar as she can touch her nose with her tongue. Can YOU do this? I bet you can’t.

Diana is an affectionate, purry little girl and she loves to give headbutts.

As you all know, Diana’s kittens were about two weeks old when we rescued them, and they went with another foster before they came to me. She had four kittens and of course the little orphan Jules. Three were adopted before I got them, and Jules was adopted about after about a week with us. So, I don’t know if she’ll be a lap cat or not, but her previous foster sent me pictures of Diana laying on her lap. I suspect that once she’s given the run of the house and the chance to sit by someone who’s reading a book or watching TV, she’ll be a lap cat. I also know that her previous foster adored her (as do I!).

Here’s a little recap of what Diana looked like on the day we took her in:



And this picture is from yesterday:
There’s a bare patch near the top of her shoulder with a few scars left, and there’s a scab farther down that’s covered up by the longer hairs in front. She also has some hairless spots on her side, so you can almost see the outline of where the burn was.

A few people have asked, and we’re not giving her any treatment or anything for the burn – a few vets have looked at it, and all she needs is time for the scars to heal and those last bare spots to grow in.

Diana is a wonderful cat, and she deserves the best home ever after enduring so much. One where she’ll never again have to worry about being hungry or lonely or scared or injured, and she’ll be cherished and loved and taken good care of. We very much hope that person is out there for her and finds her soon.