Sorry I missed yesterday’s post – I was up late working on pitching a story for a three-legged cat with special needs, and I figured you guys would think that a worthy cause. It’s past 1 AM as I’m writing this post – yeah, I am a night owl. 😉

Want a picture of all five kittens? Here you go.

Pretty sure I won’t ever be able to get this picture with them all lined up and looking nicely at the camera. But who knows? Maybe I’ll try one day!

And now a closeup on each:

Blaze, looking like birds are flying around the room in the distance.

Scooter, handsome as ever.


Fawn, taken from my lap, as usual.

And lastly, the bug-eyed Yoyo!

Chessie has a love affair with the hammock.

Harley has an extreme case of “you go ‘way, lady, I is taking a nap” going on.

Beautiful Diana with the patchy fur in the back.