12-3-16 Ben: Not judging you.

This was originally supposed to post on Thursday, but WordPress “missed the schedule”, whatever that means. I was going to go back and make it post on Friday morning, but I forgot, of course… so we’ll make it a Caturday post. 🙂

img_8521Ben: Not judging you.

img_8522Not judging.

img_8532No judgement. Nope, just a beautiful-eyed, innocent boy.

img_8614Not judging something suspcious on the ceiling. (There must be something on the ceiling that’s interesting, because both Ben and Bounce like to stare at invisible things on the ceiling.)

img_8540Most DEFINITELY not judging.

December is upon us, my friends! Last year, I took this adorable picture of former foster Finn. I love everything about this photo – the cute little bow tie, the snowmen in the background, and the way he’s curling his tail up around him, as if to keep warm (you can see it if you look closely). I made it available as a print or as a greeting card on my Etsy shop. If you want to get one, it’s the right time of year!finn-christmas