2016 in Review.

We began 2016 with eight fosters.

We¬†had Candy Girl, Magic, Safari, and Savannah. I got them in late September of 2015 and gave them all Halloween names (Candy Corn, Magic, Trick, and Treat, respectively). They had chronic diarrhea (noticing a theme here?) and it took way past Halloween for us to figure out that they had cryptosporidium (and subsequently treat them for it). I re-named them when they were ready for adoption in January. Safari and Savannah were brother and sister, but the rest weren’t related.

screen-shot-2016-01-16-at-7-13-45-pmCandy Girl.



female1And Savannah.

We also had the Fasteners – Button, Snap, Zipper, and Velcro – who had come from the pound a few days earlier, and were recovering from an upper respiratory infection.




buttonAnd Button.

On January 2, I posted this very funny video of Savannah:

On January 9, Velcro was adopted and renamed Rascal!screen_shot_2016-06-19_at_6-54-57_pm









On January 14, Safari, Savannah, Magic, and Candy Girl were finally cleared for adoption.

On January 20, I picked up my newest house guest – a very pregnant medium-haired tabby – and posted this picture on Facebook:


The same day that I brought Sugar Pie home, Magic and Savannah were adopted – TOGETHER!


The very next day, Sugar Pie welcomed five adorable babies to the world!


We said hello to each of the babies:

12615600_1018294914875847_351839659812662016_oThe two tabbies, Pinkie Pie and Honey Pie (and I truly could not tell them apart when they were this small!)

12615282_1018871418151530_8631304119527545084_oSweetie Pie.

12513581_1018871704818168_985432373169279125_oTweetie Pie.

12473907_1017751888263483_6733300801965875336_oAnd Cutie Pie.

On January 28, Candy Girl was adopted!!

On January 31, Button, Snap, and Zipper were all adopted – TOGETHER!

screen_shot_2016-06-19_at_6-54-10_pm screen_shot_2016-06-19_at_6-54-36_pm screen_shot_2016-06-19_at_7-00-45_pm

On Feburary 1, I got a picture of all the Pie Babies lined up by color:


Around the beginning of February, I pulled a black-and-white cat from the pound and called him Mickey. He was adopted in less than a week.


On Feburary 8, the Pie Babies¬†graduated to¬†the foster room! But they were not even¬†three weeks old, so it wasn’t terribly exciting at first.




On Feburary 11, Safari was finally adopted! This left us with only the Pie Babies in residence.


On Feburary 16, I killed you all with¬†a picture of Pinkie Pie’s belly spots.10253916_1030820363623302_6547145749537149464_n

On Feburary 23, I killed you again with a picture of all fives Pies in one bed.12745679_1035066093198729_7412138033188688565_n

On March 1, we wrote our very first blog entry with pictures of all the Pie Babies!

On March 3, we introduced you to Rembrandt and his fabulous floofiness.


image (3)

A couple of weeks after I introduced him to you, Rembrandt was adopted!


On March 23, we shared with you an unfortunate truth about kittens.

On March 29, we warned you about the dangers of not getting enough stripes in your life.

The Pie Babies grew quickly, and on March 28, Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie were adopted together! We got to keep them for three more weeks, ’til their new dad moved into his apartment.


On April 1, Cutie Pie was adopted, and he went home the next day!


On April 2, we said hello to our newest foster, Tinee:IMG_7760


Tinee was found by a lady who lived near an apartment complex, and we assumed she’d been dropped off there.¬†The lady was having financial difficulties, so our rescue helped her out by taking in some of her cats.

On April 7, Pinkie Pie was adopted!

pinkie adopted

That same day, I brought home my new mama-to-be, Summer.


Summer was living outside with a group of stray cats, and the man who was taking care of them called our rescue because he thought she was pregnant, so we agreed to take her. We worried about her at first, because she seemed to be stressed out and not eating. Fortunately, she started eating small amounts after a few days, and her appetite gradually increased.

On April 9, both Tinee and Tweetie Pie were adopted (but not together). This left us with Sugar Pie, Honey Pie, Sweetie Pie, and Summer in residence.

tinee adoptedtweetie pie adopted

A few days later, my lens suddenly stopped working, and I was SO AFRAID that Summer would have her¬†kittens while my lens wasn’t working, and I wouldn’t be able to take pictures of her babies. I had no need to worry, though, because she was not in any hurry!IMG_9319Sweetie Pie and Honey Pie investigate my lens case. “We can fix it for you!”

On April 14, we said hello to…IMG_0477Pinky.

IMG_0482And Jackson.

They were brother and sister, and they were found by the same lady who found Tinee and brought her to us.

On April 17, we bid farewell to Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie as they went off to their forever home together.

Sweetie Pie paws

Honey Pie - cat tree

On April 20, as we waited for Summer’s babies, our mama-to-be eyed her food dish sadly, hoping that I might perhaps move it closer (and the look on her face made me laugh out loud when I saw this picture again.)


Summer took some selfies, and we laughed at her goofy expressions, though we wished the whole family could be included.


On April 25, we had a conservation with Summer wherein we asked her when we might get to meet her gorgeous babies.

(OH, what I would give to have another mama cat to look after right now!)

On April 27, we shared with you a picture of the cat that is most likely¬†the father to Summer’s kittens. That same day,¬†Summer went into labor, and we immediately noticed that something wasn’t right. We rushed Summer to the vet, who decided to do an emergency C-section. At first, we thought little Breezy would be the only kitten to survive. But Misty and Splash were determined not to let their big brother grow up an only child.



On April 30, Pinky and Jackson were adopted together, and I posted one of my favorite pictures of Jackson.


pinky adopted jackson adopted

A few days after, we got our first peek at some kitten eyeballs.




On April 16, I explained how I socialize kittens.

On Mother’s Day, I posted the iconic picture of Summer cuddling her tiny Splash.

Splash was the tiniest of the litter, and at first we weren’t sure if she would make it – but she did.IMG_7952

The kittens reached four weeks old, and their cuteness reached a level of insanity never before seen by the Internet.




Sugar Pie remained in residence while we treated her for her fungal issues. I believe that she had a form of non-contagious ringworm (THANK GOODNESS it was not contagious, because I am SO GLAD that neither the kittens nor I got ringworm. Of course, now that I’ve said that, I’m sure I’m going to end up with the contagious ringworm¬†sooner or later.) She was very much a character and continued to entertain us with her antics.

At the beginning of June, I posted this adorable picture of the Raindrops snuggling each other:


On June 21, after several weeks of lime-dip baths, Sugar Pie was finally cleared for adoption, and she was adopted on June 24!


On July 4, we posted pictures of the Raindrops dressed in patriotic bows…¬†and we introduced you to the Monkeys.


Starting with Maya, the tortoiseshell on the left, and going clockwise around the plate: Maya, Rascal, Skipper, Bounce, Bandit, and Mischief. The Monkeys were all in very rough shape, and Bounce and Bandit were the worst of the five. The next few days involved very little sleep and a lot of waking up during the night to feed Bandit and Bounce and try to keep them going.

Despite my best efforts, we said goodbye to Bandit on July 8.


On July 12, Bounce took a turn for the worse, and I was so sure that he was going to die. I rushed him to the vet for some more fluids as a last-ditch effort to save him, and the vet tech offered to take him home with her for a few days. I was conflicted, because I wanted to be with Bounce if he didn’t make it, but I also thought that perhaps she would be able to take care of him better, so I agreed (and you’d better believe that I anxiously checked my phone every hour for updates).

The next week, Bounce was back – and BETTER!


On July 17, we had some more good news to share – Misty and Breezy were adopted together!


The Monkeys continued to get better.





The day after Misty and Breezy were adopted, I teased you all by posting a picture of our newest foster, Harmony,¬†on Facebook. I intended to tell you all¬†that she was pregnant the next day, but I was too late because she’d already had her kittens!



We introduced you to Harmony’s Musicians. Here they are, in birth order:





IMG_9290And Tempo.

Sadly, Lyric passed away just before he reached 3 days old; we don’t know the cause. After that, we discovered that Harmony had a fever and we were pretty worried about Tempo and Music. I started supplementing them three times a day, and I was so relieved when¬†we didn’t lose any more of Harmony’s Musicians.

After the Musicians got better, Rascal came down with what I presume was some sort of virus, and I was very worried about him. Thankfully, he too recovered fully.

IMG_9342Poor boy!

Soon enough, all the Musicians were looking back at us with their new little peepers!

On August 4, we reminded you about the importance of adopting less-adoptable cats. (Despite this *cough* amazing graphic, I observe that people continue to adopt cats more on the basis of appearance than personality. Oh, well.)

On August 11, I got a picture of Mischief, Skipper, and Rascal together, and my life’s mission was accomplished.IMG_4593

On August 14, we posted one of our most popular videos – Harmony and the kitten-washing assembly line.

On August 16, we announced that Maya went on trial!

On August 17, we celebrated Black Cat Appreciation Day with a look back at all the black cats that I’ve fostered, and we posted a bunch of pictures of our only house panther foster, Skipper,¬†on Facebook. However, the regularly scheduled pictures of Skipper were interrupted, because we had to announce that there was a stranger in the foster room with Summer and Splash…

IMG_5574And we met Ben.

At first, Summer was pretty interested in Ben, but she made it clear that she was in charge. Splash was pretty dramatic about the NOPE at first…


…but then, the introductions ended when we discovered that Ben had giardia, and we immediately separated him.

On August 21, we announced that Summer and Splash went on trial together!

The Musicians continued to reach adorable new heights. Here they are at about six weeks:





On August 26, we wrote about Kit-Kat, and how she’d been returned because her people had a baby and were moving.


We got a good look at the heart on Mischief’s belly.¬†IMG_7799

On August 28, we announced that Rascal had been adopted!


On September 4, we wrote about how Maya didn’t get along with the other cat in her trial-home, and she came back to Petsmart. Summer and Splash’s trial also didn’t work out because they were both being very shy, and they came back to us. We decided to put them in the foster room with the Monkeys and Ben.

IMG_9006Bounce says hello to Summer.

img_9744Ben tries to snuggle up to Splash.

img_0244Monkeys and Raindrops enjoy some communal snacking time.

On September 17, Skipper was adopted!


On September 20, we posted some adorable pictures of sleepy kittens in the foster room.

On September 22, Tempo and Melody were adopted together!

img_8273 melody-adopted

At some point in September – I don’t remember exactly when – I separated Ben and Bounce from the others because the others¬†were getting better and those two were not.

At the end of September, we decided that Kit-Kat would be going to Petsmart after a month in foster care.

On October 2, we announced that Maya had finally been adopted!


On October 8, we announced that Rhythm and Music had been adopted together!

music-adopted rhythm-adopted

(Funny story about these two, actually. I often ask my adopters what they end up renaming the cats, and it so turned out that both Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie & Music and Rhythm were renamed Leia and Luke.)

On October 17, we wrote about the emotional challenges of fostering.

On October 25, we did a throwback to when Splash was just 3 1/2 months old, and the video turned out to be very popular on Instagram.

Just before her last two kittens were adopted, Harmony headed to Petsmart to join Kit-Kat. At the end of October, we were left with Summer, Splash, and Mischief in the foster room, Ben and Bounce in the bathroom, and Harmony and Kit-Kat at Petsmart.


img_6662(Someone referred to Summer as a caliTUBBY, and I laughed and laughed and that became my new favorite thing.)





On November 19, Summer, Splash, and Mischief finally found the home they’d been waiting so long for. And they were all adopted TOGETHER!

mischief-adopted summer-adoptedsplash-adopted

On November 23, Kit-Kat went on trial!

On December 4, we posted about Bounce and how he’d been adopted. And we shared with you a video (and if you haven’t watched it, you need to, because it’s the greatest accomplishment in my life so far.)

We reassured you that Ben wouldn’t get lonely, because he had new friends!



img_8389And Elmore.

They were hissy at first, but they learned to get along, and it wasn’t long before they became buddies.

On December 6, Kit-Kat was officially adopted!


And on December 17, Harmony found her very own perfect home!


On December 23, Emma and Maddie went home together!

emma-adopted maddie-adopted-1

On December 31, we squeezed in one new foster before the end of the year. If you checked Facebook, you might have already met our new little girl:


I haven’t decided on a name yet. She’s by herself – she and her brother were at the pound together, and her brother was adopted before I picked her up. She’s already shown herself to be a very sweet little girl and I look forward to getting to know her.

In 2016 we did 36 adoptions, and we fostered a grand total of 41 cats this year Рa personal record number for one year! This brings our foster count since November 2012 to a grand total of 143 cats and kittens.

Some stats about our blog: We began on March 1, 2016. We published 207 posts and received 874 comments and 22,663 views from 5,132 visitors this year. Our most-viewed post was the story about how Summer’s kittens were born (324 views).

(5,132 visitors? There are a lot of lurkers on this blog. Lurkers, come out and say hello! We want to meet you!)

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Thank you to everybody that reads, shares, comments, and lurks on this blog. Thank you for all your advice, encouragement, and support. If not for you guys, this blog wouldn’t exist. I truly enjoy putting together these posts and I hope that you enjoy reading them and following my fostering adventures as much as I do creating¬†them.