Ttoday’s post has a special spotlight on Mimosa.

Mimosa is a true tortoiseshell, dappled with flecks of black and orange with emerald green eyes and a distinctive orange mark on the bridge of her nose. Even her nose is spotted!

I think Mimosa doesn’t like to be photographed – she’s always got one ear back and that annoyed look on her face. You’d never know it from her personality, though. Mimosa simply can’t get enough attention, and she’ll literally throw herself at you and roll all over you to soak up your attention.

Look at this little goober.

Mimosa communicates by meowing at you in a squeaky little voice and hissing. Even though she hisses at you, she doesn’t mean anything by it – she’s always very gentle with me, never scratches or bites or anything like that. I think Mimosa just thinks she’s a Sheriff, like Kara from Love and Hisses – she always seems to do it when I’m doing something that she doesn’t think I should be doing!

Mimosa would love to become part of a family – she just likes being around people, and she’s pretty confident being in the middle of the action and all that. I feel so bad for her being secluded up on my third floor – even though I go up there and love on her all the time, she doesn’t get all the attention like she would if she were in a home somewhere. I’m thinking of trying to integrate her with the household and the other cats, or perhaps I will introduce her to Yoyo if Yoyo is not adopted from PetValu next week.

Mimosa’s kittens have all found their forever homes, so surely it can’t be long before Mimosa finds that someone out there who will fall in love with her loveable, gorgeous, affectionate, hissy little self. I keep picturing that family in my head. Come hurry up, Mimosa’s waiting for you.

Rose is doing really well! She got to move into a bigger room, and she loves getting attention, coming to greet me at the door, and snuggling with me. She finished her antibiotics a few days ago, and Wednesday will mark two weeks since her spay surgery, so we’re just waiting for a little bit of soft stool to clear up and she’ll go up for adoption. I tried to get some good pictures of her beautiful markings for the website. Here they are:

The kittens, oh, the kittens, they are a HOT MESS. Their diarrhea has not improved, and they can’t stop themselves from stepping in it and getting it all over themselves and their feet and their littermates and tracking it all over the room, and well, you’d better be careful where you step if you’re going in there to pet them or feed them or do anything with them.

Luckily, Shorty’s cough has not gotten any worse and they are all gaining weight, if slowly. I tried to get pictures of them, but I only got four pictures before my camera battery died and they were climbing all over me. (Not pictured: Mini)


Pip has the face of an old man.


“Mom, look! I gots the dustpan, I helps you clean!” (Teeny)