5-15-17 Mama Cats

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday, whether you’re a mom to two-legged kids or four-legged kids or a foster mom or just somebody who did something nice for YOUR mom. I was looking at all the Mothers Day pictures over the weekend and I had the idea to do a post with all the mama cats I’ve fostered to date. So here they are (abet one day late).

Here’s our first little mama. Her name was Willow, and she was rescued with her three-week old twins after a bad storm in October of 2012. They looked like this:

Our next mama was Princess Leia, a beautiful longhaired cat who, after giving birth to her second litter, become the star of a “needs a new home” ad on Craigslist along with her five lookalikes.

And then there was Jasmine, the shy brown tabby who was whisked out of the pound just hours after she’d arrived with her two-week old babies:

(How do you think she ended up with such a different-looking bunch?)

Next up was there was the beautiful Sarafina with her electrifying green eyes, who took in an tiny orphaned tabby and added him to her brood:

(The short guy in the top right picture is the orphan!)

At the end of 2013 we had our one and only feral mama, Violet. And the one and only picture I have of her is this one, because she never left the carrier when a human was in the room:

Luckily, all six kittens grew up happy and sociable and were adopted into loving homes, while Violet herself found a wonderful barn and became a working cat.

Next up was the spectacular Cleo, in all her floofy glory:

And her four beautiful tykes (sorry, by the way, that these pictures are obviously super old pictures with poor lighting/focus/quality):

And in April of 2014 we had the sassy, beautiful, blue-eyed gal known as Sapphire, who came from a rural shelter with her three babes when they were barely a few days old:

And her babies, a few weeks later (again, sorry for the bad quality, they’re going to get better soon, I promise):

After Sapphire’s babies were adopted, along came a beautiful striped tabby mama, who had given birth to three tiny tigers under a porch:

(Can you tell at what point I got my new camera?)

The next lucky mama to pass through our doors was a pretty girl named Sand-dollar, who was taken along with a bunch of other strays during the winter and became pregnant with her little Sand-dollar-lets when spring came ’round.

One of our most remarkable moms, Hope, unexpectedly lost three of her four kittens right before we rescued her – they were taken away by a neighbor, and we never found out what happened to the kittens or why they took the three and left just one. Luckily, we had three bottle babies in our system at the time, and Hope adopted them! 

You may know the little brown tabby best as Kit-Kat!

And then there was the stunning Winter, with her liquidy gold eyes.

This was the first litter to be born at our house (and the first litter that I was able to get REALLY good pictures of!)

July 2015, I had the pleasure of fostering Josephina and the Pasta Kittens, who were saved from the local shelter:

And even though she was only a “foster mama”, and we never met her real kittens, I couldn’t leave out the stunning Sophia:

And “her” little tot, Finn:

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, we’re charting into familiar ground with our next mama, who you all know and love as Sugar Pie!

(Is it weird that I feel slightly nostalgic looking at this picture? It was taken almost exactly a year ago!)

Here she is with all her babies:

Okay, I’m sure this next face will be familiar to a lot of you:

And her babies, so sweet together!

You remember, of course, our beautiful mama Harmony:

Who was a wonderful mom to her kits:

And that brings us right up to a face who should look VERY familiar to you:Our own beautiful mama, miss Mimosa!

The busy mama.

We’ve had 17 mama cats since 2012. The kittens have all been adorable, but over the years it has been wonderful to get to know the sweet mama cats too (and always a pleasure to get to see them settle down and enjoy life after they work SO hard raising their kids!)

I miss having kittens SO very much, especially after looking through all those cute pictures! Well, at this time next week we may have another girl to add to our list of mama cats.