2017 in Review.

We began 2017 with three fosters.




We got Ben back in August of 2016 from another foster when he was about nine or ten weeks old. Elmore’s sisters Maddie and Emma had been adopted together a few weeks before, and he and Ben became fast friends. Sushi was the newcomer, having just been rescued from the pound on the 31st!

Ben kicked off his New Year’s Resolutions by flossing his teeth.


Meanwhile, Elmore and Sushi graced us with their presence.

On January 14, Sushi was adopted!

Two days later, Elmore was adopted!

That same day, we got a glimpse of our newest foster kitten…


She quickly conquered the house.

I took one of my favorite pictures of Ben:

Check out those whiskas!

On January 24, Ben went out on trial and was adopted two weeks later!

On January 28, we took home a new foster:


THEN, just a few days later on January 30, we got another call:

and we brought home THIS familiar face!

Just one day later, this happened:

Five tiny babies – squee!

I chose names for each ones:

The two black brothers became Pepsi and Fizz.

The dark tortie was Sparkle.

The light tortie was Spritz.

The tiny black girl was Bubbles.

And mama became Mimosa.

On Feburary 5, we brought home a buddy for Oci.


Mimosa’s Effervescats grew fast – and after just a few weeks, their eyes plinked open!

(Well, most of the time anyway!)

Oci did some dancing.

Inki earned the nickname Slinky Inki because of her panther-like appearance.

Mitzi graduated to a bigger room.

Ears creaked up!

And FUN began!

On March 11, Inki was adopted!

That same day, Oci headed to the adoption center to wait for her forever family. On March 15, I visited her and shot this picture:

On March 18, she was adopted!

The Effervescats blossomed into beautiful cats.

(One of my favorite pictures.)

Around the end of March, Mitzi headed to a new foster home, leaving us with just the Effervescats in residence.

At the beginning of April, we worried because the kittens had some scabs, and Mimosa was losing fur around her neck.

Luckily, it wasn’t a big deal for the kittens – a couple of lime dips and they were cleared up. By the end of April, the Effervescats were ready to fly!

On April 21, Pepsi and Sparkle were adopted together.

The next day, Fizz and Bubbles were adopted together along with another kitten, and Spritz went to a home of her own with another young kitty.

With Mimosa left as the only foster cat in the house, we worked on getting her better.

April 9, and…

May 2.

On May 5, we got some disappointing news – Harmony had to be returned to us.

On May 13, Mitzi was adopted!

On May 18, we welcomed Bettie. Bettie had been rescued from a feral colony about a month before, and she had been shot with a BB gun so her tail was paralyzed and her leg dragged.

On May 20, we rescued Squeek from the pound.

On May 21, something very exciting happened – WE GOT (MORE) BEBBEHS!







And Mama Roxie.

Over the next two weeks, lots of cute pictures happened:

On May 22, Bettie had her surgery to remove the BB from her spine.

Photo of the BB that was removed. That writing on the test tube says “hair in spinal column”.

At the end of May, we bid farewell to Roxie and her babies – they went back to their original foster home. At the same time, Squeek went to another foster home to be with other kittens. That left us with three fosters – Mimosa, Harmony, and Bettie.

THEN, on June 3, something wonderful happened – Cory and Oakley were adopted together!

On June 9, we said hello to four new babies!




…and Yoyo.

On June 13, we learned that Roxie’s kittens’ foster had a family emergency and needed somebody to foster them, so they came back to us.

Chessie, enjoying his hammock.




And of course, mama Roxie.

That brought our foster total to twelve – phew!

In mid-June, my camera body met its demise. This was its last picture:

Luckily, I was able to get a new one, so the blog was not lacking for kitten photos – at least not for very long.

On June 29, I saw Squeek again!

On this day, Colby also got adopted!

I got a family picture of the toy kittens.

AND a family picture of Chessie, Blaze, and Fawn!

And on July 1, Teddi was adopted!

On June 3, we said farewell to Bettie – she went back home to her original foster.

We also said hello to three new friends…



And Jules.

On July 4, I took one of my favorite pictures of Roxie. I liked this picture so much I made it my Etsy shop banner.

On July 6, we played Guess That Torbie! (Your guesses and the answers are in the next post.)

Jules was adopted on July 9!

One day later, Yahtzee was adopted!

I began to get more serious about introducing the last two toy kittens (Scooter and Yoyo) to Roxie’s three kittens. The introductions were pretty hissy and growly! On July 10, I took this hilarious video of Chessie getting whappy with Scooter:

On July 11, I shot this picture of all five kittens eating from the same plate:

On July 19, we celebrated the birthday of Harmony’s kittens!

(July 19, 2016)

(July 19, 2017)

On July 20, I shot this cute picture of Chessie in the dark.

On July 27, Scooter and Blaze were adopted TOGETHER!

Scooter kept his name, and Blaze was renamed Penny!

On July 31, we said hello to seven new faces.


Six tiny munchkins.

We were so EXCITED to meet Rose’s tiny babies…

…but, just a few days later, Rose’s pregnancy ended abruptly in an emergency spay, as the shelter had given her distemper vaccines and the kittens didn’t survive.

On August 5, we were heartbroken to learn that Squeek had died from FIP. The tribute post to her is here.

In happier news, Fawn was adopted that day.

On August 6, I posted this VERY popular video of the Munchkins starvin’ for attention. This eventually got featured on the Instagram account @cats_of_instagram

Roxie and her last kitten, Chessie, went to another foster home two days later.

That boy did love his hammock.

That night, we said a tearful good-bye to Teeny’s twin Tiny, who went into respiratory distress due to (presumed) aspiration. Even though we rushed him to the emergency vet, he couldn’t pull through. My tribute to him is here.

On August 15, one of our mama cats FINALLY was adopted. Diana got a home!

That same day, her last kitten, Harley, went out on trial (she was adopted two weeks later!)

That same day, I took one of my favorite pictures of Half-Pint and Teeny.

On August 21, Half-Pint became ill/lethargic and spent a couple days at the emergency vet. Here he was getting fluids when I visited him:

Luckily, Half-Pint pulled through. This was him a few days after coming home from the vet:

Meanwhile, the last of the toy kittens – Yoyo – enjoyed the run of the house.


On August 27, Chessie was adopted with another kitten!

Unfortunately, Chessie’s adopter had some health problems recently, and she decided that she could no longer keep him. He and the other kitten were returned to the other foster on December 27th, and they’ll be put up for adoption again shortly.

That same day, Yoyo went out on trial (she was adopted two weeks later!)

This left us with Harmony, Mimosa, Rose, and five Munchkins.

The Munchkins continued to grow. Here are some of my favorite photos with them:

As you can tell, I got into the vertical pictures!

In August, I was sad to learn that one of my former fosters – a mama cat named Sand-dollar – had to be returned after she was adopted three years ago. Luckily, she was adopted again at the beginning of September.

In mid-September, Mimosa went to a new foster home.

To tell the truth, I think she was happier in her new foster home than she was with me!

Harmony went on foster-to-adopt at the end of September. We crossed our fingers – and on October 7, Harmony was adopted!

On September 26, three beams of light entered my life.




The Lightning Bugs were rescued from the shelter after the staff there called us, saying they had a mom and two newborn kittens they wanted us to rescue. The mom had been placed up for adoption – they hadn’t even known that she was pregnant!

Tons of cute pictures were taken.

At the beginning of October, we did a Halloween photo shoot with the Munchkins.

Pip, TOTALLY blocking the view of that pumpkin.

Lightning Bug eyes plinked!

On October 8, I posted this adorable video of Ember, which eventually was featured on @cats_of_instagram!

May your dreams be full of roly poly spotted kittens. Good night 🌙

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Rose continued to radiate with beauty.

On October 24, Mimosa was FINALLY adopted!

The Lightning Bugs grew up so fast.

On November 9, my heart was heavy but I had to say goodbye to the Lightning Bugs. They went to another foster home – it was the best way to keep them safe, given the Munchkins’ chronic diarrhea issues and Rose’s skin lesions.

On November 21, I took one of my favorite photos of Shorty.


On November 25, Roxie was adopted!


At the beginning of December, I slipped in four new fosters that I didn’t tell y’all about! On December 4, we took in a black mama cat named Sky and her son, Slash:

We took them in and got them spayed/neutered, tested, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, and they went to the adoption center. The next day, we took in Slash’s two sisters, Stache and Fiesty:

The girls stayed with us for a little bit longer, since they had an allergic reaction to the fleas and needed time to heal. After about a week, they joined their mother and brother at the adoption center.

On December 9, Starlight and Ember went on trial together, and two weeks later they were adopted!

And on December 20, Shimmer went to her forever home!

Not only that, but Slash, Stache, and Fiesty were all adopted – all three together! Sky came home for a few days over Christmas since the store was closed, and she is currently back at the adoption center, awaiting her forever home.

For Christmas, Shorty was good-natured about being turned into a Christmas tree.

Teeny-aka-Squirrel was not QUITE so enthusiastic about being turned into a reindeer, so I turned to Photoshop for that:

In 2017 we did 35 adoptions, and we fostered 43 cats this year, beating last year’s record by just two cats! This brings our foster count since 2012 to a grand total of 177 cats.

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Here’s hoping all of you have a safe and happy New Year and may 2018 be everything that you wish it to be.