Innernets, we have names!



Mama Shimmer.

Collectively, I’ll call them¬†The Lightning Bugs.¬†

I’ve been wanting to do a light-theme for a while now – if you were following this blog when I had Mimosa’s kittens, you might recall that I thought about doing a light-theme for those kittens, but they were all dark! So I thought this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use the light theme.

Ember, protected by his mama Shimmer.

Starlight peers at me from behind her brother. I think they’re just starting to see and hear a little bit – they certainly were looking curiously at the camera.

With all the pastel colors, Starlight looks like she’s in Cotton Candy Land.

Their little folded ears and big eyes – GAH, they’re so cute I can’t stand it.

With those silver stripes and caramel-colored belly, Rose looks like she belongs in the jungle!

Mini, fast asleep under the lion’s paws.

Half-Pint, my beautiful boy!

I have a billion pictures of Teeny on my camera. He’s so cute and photogenic, I can’t help it!

Shorty’s eyes are so pretty – he’s got the fur color of a Russian Blue, but the eye color of a British Shorthair.