Cute wee ones.

Shorty’s passed the two pound mark!

I love this picture.

Lots of pictures of Teeny today. He’s one photogenic boy.

Half Pint. Oh, Half Pint.

So Half Pint stopped eating this weekend. He lost several ounces from Friday to Saturday, and after trying all kinds of things to encourage him to eat, I started syringe-feeding him. Yesterday morning, he was dehydrated and lethargic, so I brought him to the emergency vet for some fluids. His temperature was 97 degrees. The vet sent him home with a special type of food, antibiotics, and instructions to keep him warm and syringe-feed every two hours. I did so, and there was no improvement throughout the day (though his temperature did go up). I brought him back around 9:30 pm and told the vets to keep him there and give him an IV and syringe feed throughout the night.

Spay and neuter, folks. Spay. and. neuter.

Mimosa’s such a beautiful girl. I feel so bad for her being secluded on my third floor. With Half Pint being sick today I hardly got a chance to spend any time with her. She needs a home where she can be part of a family.