On Saturday, this happened:

At last, sweet Fawn finally found the family meant for her! Now if only we could have a mama kitty adopted, I’d be the happiest foster mom.

We’re shifting around our fosters a bit this week. Our plan was to bring Roxie home and leave the three kittens, Chessie, Harley, and Yoyo at PetValu for a week or two. Chessie was pretty stressed the first night, so we brought him home to be with Roxie and left Diana at PetValu instead. Harley and Yoyo are together at PetValu and they’re doing fine. It looks like the six kittens are not going to another foster home right now, but a few other fosters have become available, so we might try to funnel some of the mama cats to them instead.

I was holding off on naming the six kittens – if they had gone to another foster, I would have let that foster name them. However, since they are here with us for the time being, they need names.

So meet the Munchkins.



Teeny and Tiny are both boys, and they remind me very much of another certain pair of tabby twins.

kittensHoney Pie, and…

Pinkie Pie.

Next we have Shorty.

Shorty reminds me of another certain gray cat.

Sweetie Pie, of course.

This little gray tabby is a girl, and she’s called Pip.

Pip bears a rather striking resemblace to Cutie Pie.

Lastly, we have our black boy, Half Pint:

He’s my favorite (shh). He’s got a lot of personality and spunk to him.

And our black girl, Mini:

They both remind me a lot of Tweetie Pie:

It’s so strange to see another litter that looks almost exactly like the Pie Babies. I’m sure their parents must have looked similar.