6-15-16 Snuggle time with Splash

IMG_3672Snuggle time with Splash.

IMG_3679Seriously, those big eyes…


IMG_3695Or knuckle sandwich?

IMG_3699Oh, the wonder.

IMG_3726You licks those toes, Misty!

IMG_3738“Dat’s right, I lick them toes!”

IMG_3733Not still looking for that tail you lost the other day, are you, Misty?

IMG_3815Pretty, pretty girl.

IMG_3717Splash knows where it’s at.

IMG_3754Breezy gets some Mama love.

IMG_3791Are you the King, Breezy?

IMG_3802“I AM the king, lady!”

We have news on Sugar Pie!

IMG_3857Last week, I heard that some kind of fungus HAD shown up on the test results, but the vet could not identify it. So they sent it away to a lab somewhere and on Sunday they found out that it was a fungus called Alternaria, which is apparently is normal / nonpathogenic. The vet didn’t think that I would need to do the lime dip that I’d been planning to do on Sunday, so I let that go (I think both Sugar Pie and I were glad about that). She does have her follow-up appointment next Monday, but I’d also like to at least give her the chance to snag some interested adopters this week and at the Caturday adoption stand. Maybe what I’ll do is put her up for adoption but she can only go home after her appointment.

Having been in foster care for 4 months and 26 days, Sugar Pie is in the running to be one of our longest-time fosters. Currently, only four other fosters have been here for longer than her – and she hasn’t even been adopted yet!

(I should add that I’m very lucky that all my fosters have been adopted in five and a half months or less, and MOST don’t take that long to be adopted. It can take two or more years for some of the older, shyer cats to be adopted – in fact, one of the cats in the system has been around for seven years. But then again, most of these cats’ fosters don’t bring them to the adoption stands or update their profile on the website very much, and I always do that for my fosters. Got to move them out to make room for the next group!)