Kitten Watch 2017 has ended

That’s right, tortie mama has had her kittens! There are five – three black and two tiny torties. They’re all doing great, if a bit on the small side, and we’re keeping a close on them.

The thing with these kittens – how do I put this? They’re dark. Super dark. Midnight black, if you will. And Mother Nature decided to put a damper on my plans this morning and make it cloudy. Which, if you know, made it impossibly frustrating to get decent shots of them. I would click the shutter to focus my camera, and it would just stutter. So I’ve done the best I can, but for know you’ll have to make do with my not-very-great pictures. I’ll keep trying, and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to get better ones!

Mama kitty with all her babies, last night.

A teeny tiny tortie on top of a pile of teeny tiny babies.

Tiny tortie from the top. This is the lightest-colored kitten – all the rest are much darker, even the other tortie.

Proud Mama. The kittens by her head are the dark tortie and two black.

Light tortie. I held her up to get a better picture of her face.

Dark tortie (please pardon the blurriness).

This one is a black boy, and I’m fairly sure this is the one that doesn’t have any white under his chest. Of the black ones, two are boys and one is a girl. One of the black boys has a white spot under his chest, and the other one doesn’t. The black girl has a little ring of white around her belly.

Seeing as they’re all so dark, I think I need to rethink my naming theme (unless I want to be ironic).