12-23-16 Flashback Friday: Finn

I love all of my foster kittens, but there are some that worm their way into your heart more than others. I particularly get attached to the ones that have been very sick. I do believe I’ve posted a photo of Finn before. Like Bounce, Finn was one sick little kitty and I nursed him back to health.
img_2693 Finn around 8 or 9 weeks old, after he gained his strength back.

img_2592Oh, that sweet face!

img_3481I dressed him up in a bowtie and made him pose for a holiday picture. Of course, he’s not sitting on the right background, but isn’t he CUTE?


img_4873He grew into a beautiful boy and was adopted around four or five months old. Sweet boy.

Speaking of adoptions, Maddie and Emma are scheduled to go home today! Ben seemed to get along especially well with Maddie, so hopefully he won’t miss her too much with Elmore left for company.