Throwback Thursday: The Beach Kittens

I started fostering in 2012, about four years ago, and I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, so I have plenty of photos of past foster kittens to share. About two years ago, I fostered a litter of kittens known as the Beach Kittens. Their mom was a stray who was taken in over the winter along with a bunch of other strays, and none of them were fixed, so… you know the rest of the story. The mom was a pastel tortie – her two boys were buff and her four girls looked just like her. I got them in mid-July when they were about 2 weeks old.

img_6158 Tuna. Is she not the cutest, most photogenic thing? I think so.

img_5744 Baby Pearl.

img_6174 Pretty, pretty Seashell.

img_6266 Another one of Tuna, because she’s just so CUTE.

img_5952 Baby Starfish. His brother Coral (Cory) looked just like him with white paws. These are the only two buff kittens I’ve had other than Elmore. So ADORABLE.


Marina and Cory were adopted together pretty quickly, and Seashell and Tuna were adopted together not long after that. Pearl and Starfish stayed with us longer.

img_9813I got some nice pictures of Pearl. I love this one.

img_8068One of my favorite pictures of Starfish – I love that the feather is clinging to his lip and he’s all: “What? Blue bird? Nope. Haven’t seen a blue bird. Not me.”

img_8013 As I recall, Starfish was adopted sometime in November. Pearl’s family filled out the papers to adopt her in early December, and they brought her home on Christmas Eve for their little girl. They sent me the cutest picture of them snuggling together. I wonder how they are doing now.