IMG_7679We haz a gray kitty nose.

IMG_7721Oh, how I LOVE this boy.

IMG_7702Sleepy Skipper.

IMG_7708Sweet, sweet boy.

IMG_7762As you can see, Mischief is getting back her full set of lovely whiskers.

IMG_7807Selfie time.

IMG_7835Bounce the little POSER.

IMG_7785Mischief plays with the stick-end, Bounce plays with the feather-end (which doesn’t have very many feathers anymore) and Skipper looks on.

IMG_7789And then they swap.

IMG_7796“What? The stick end without feathers is just as fun!”

I love the Monkeys at this age – the Musicians are just as sweet and turning out to be wonderful lap cats, but they’re still learning how to be kittens and how to use their manners. The Monkeys have been through that stage and they know how to be gentle with their claws and teeth, and how to snuggle and purr and be so insistent with their love that whoever is with them has to just pick them up and snuggle them. I really think kittens are like fruit and their sweetness ripens when they get to be about three or four months old.

IMG_7144“I sees you, peoples of the Internets!”


IMG_7252Pretty little poser.

IMG_7260I LOVE this picture.

IMG_7224At any given time, “running around like a crazy nut” is probably the best way to describe Ben. Except for about five seconds when he plops down to rest, and then he’s off again.

IMG_7157“I keel you, fuzzy orange toy.”

Although all the Musicians tasted eaten canned food, the boys are the only ones that will walk over and eat right off the plate – the girls require some more persuasion before they will eat. I can usually get Melody to eat by dabbing some food in her mouth and then putting her by the plate, but Music’s a trickier thing – most of the time she won’t eat except for the little bit that I put in her mouth.

They’re six weeks old today!

IMG_8116I love that it looks like the sun is illuminating a path to Melody.

IMG_8142Pretty, floofy Tempo.


IMG_8099Melody is gettin’ serious about those Ears of Annoyance.

IMG_8195Romping around the carrier.


IMG_8386Doesn’t she had the PRETTIEST colors in her face?

IMG_8259I waved around the feather wand for them, and Rhythm got a little skeered.

IMG_8263Tempo was braver and, after some hesitation, he came up to bat at the feathers.

IMG_8273“That’s just how I roll, lady.”