8-9-17 Tiny.



Tiny lost his fight last night.

He was breathing abnormally on Monday morning, so we brought him right over to the vet and got him on oxygen. Radiographs showed that he had aspirated some fluid into his lungs and was struggling to breathe. That night, we transferred him to the emergency clinic so he could be in an oxygen cage. He went back to the regular vet in the morning… he was doing okay, the vet was hopeful, we thought the critical period had passed. He tanked last night and was just limp and crying in pain as we raced him to the emergency clinic. They tried, but there was very little hope at that point and I’m glad they were able to end his suffering.

It’s the little things I’m grateful for. Like the foster who took Roxie and Chessie for me so I would be able to focus on these little guys. My vet, who was texting me at ten o’clock at night to try to help this kitten. The foster mom who offered to call me at eleven pm to offer words of support after we lost him. The kindness of the emergency vets was like an oasis. (That must be the hardest job ever.) And of course, I’m so grateful for all of your support and kind words. This has been such a tough week, and I’m going to take the rest of the week off blogging and hopefully next week we will have some happier news to share.

Rest easy, Tiny.