8-2-17 Hoping for another miracle

My mind is a whirlwind. Two kittens, one kitten, and then back to the most likely possibility, none at all.

These are the updates I posted to Facebook yesterday:

MAMA CAT UPDATE. Just leaving the vet now. The vet did an ultrasound and saw a few skeletons, but only one heartbeat. The vet then did an x-ray and saw two kittens. At least one is viable. Based on her symptoms and the fact that she was vaccinated in the early stages of her pregnancy, there is a good chance the other one is not viable. She is staying at the vet now while the two vets consult with each other and decide if and when to do a C-section. There is also a chance that the remaining kitten could be born with cerebellar hyperplasia. So, that’s what it is.

So, I’ve spoken to the vet, and it’s not good news.

Both the vets are pretty much in agreement that there is a dead kitten inside of her. Apparently that’s a much greater risk for her than I had realized. If the fluid ruptures, her life would be in danger. So, they want to spay her tomorrow.

What about the kitten that’s alive? The chance that he will survive is very slim. It’s not possible to remove the dead kitten and leave the living one in the womb a little bit longer. Even with the x-ray and ultrasound, there’s no way to tell exactly how old the kittens are, but the vets have determined that they are not fully developed and are probably close to 50 days. The heartbeat on the kitten is very fast, which means he is stressed. Even if he survives the cesarean, the mother isn’t yet producing milk. We would need to bottle-feed him, and he wouldn’t get the colostrum that is critical for his survival. That’s in addition to the fact that he would be born premature and facing an uphill battle. This morning I felt so much hope watching his little heartbeat flutter and now I feel blindsided.

We are hoping another miracle story, but the odds are not our favor this time.

I read all of your comments yesterday. A lot of them made me cry (well, I’m crying anyway), and I’m so grateful to each of you for your support.

Mama kitty is going to be spayed tomorrow. If either of the kittens survive, it will be a miracle. For sure, it would not be the first miracle story in the Three Tiny Tabbies saga. I remember Bounce, and how sure I felt that he was going to die; Splash and Misty, who we thought were already dead; and even Music, who was deemed likely to succumb by one vet. I know I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up, but I read all the stories on Love Meow about preemie kittens surviving and I can’t let go of that one tiny glimmer of hope. The good news is that unless something really goes wrong with the anesthesia, mama kitty will be fine. As always, I’ll let you know tomorrow as soon as I can when there’s an update.